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When it comes to telling our story of expertise and commitment, our customers tell it best:

“PeopleService is affordable, dependable and has a great relationship with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. I would highly recommend PeopleService to any organization wishing to contract their water or sewer services.”

Gary McClarnon, City Manager; Clarinda, Iowa

“PeopleService keeps us very well informed with what is going on by providing monthly reports to the council and regular updates to me on daily matters. I don’t feel the city has lost any “control” over our facilities – in fact, I’d say just the opposite. We give them direction on projects and PeopleService takes care of getting it done.”

Rita Miller, City Clerk/Administrator; Missouri Valley, Iowa

“PeopleService has provided operation and maintenance services of our water and sewer utilities for nearly 20 years. Their trained, professional staff works closely and well with our city engineer, city personnel and regulatory agencies to provide safe and efficient utility service for the citizens of our community. In addition to the day-to-day operations, PeopleService shares their resources and expertise with the city to insure that this high degree of service continues into the future.”

Mary Caffey, Former Mayor; Valley, Nebraska

“The City of Appleton is delighted for the opportunity to respond to the relationship between PeopleService and the City of Appleton. As the management organization of the local wastewater system, PeopleService has performed far and above the initial expectations and have therefore removed numerous problem issues from the city agenda with a performance exceeding words beyond any exceptional expression. The service and dedication of PeopleService is noted, appreciated and classified as extraordinary achievement to the City of Appleton who remain extremely grateful for the exceptional success of PeopleService.”

Robert W. Thompson, Former City Coordinator; Appleton, Minnesota