Keep Your Infrastructure Running Smoothly

When you partner with PeopleService you gain experience that drives to preventive and corrective measures that make a difference.

We appreciate the fact that you have invested a large percentage of your funds in your water and wastewater infrastructure. And we know that keeping that infrastructure in excellent condition can save you time and money, and help you stay in compliance with the myriad of increasing water and wastewater regulations. That is why we are committed to on-time preventive maintenance and punctual corrective maintenance that works for your plant.

maintenanceWe continually search for ways to improve the treatment processes and/or lower the cost of these processes, without degrading the quality of water produced by the treatment plants or without sacrificing the integrity of the systems.

And, we utilize a computerized maintenance system designed specifically for the water and wastewater industry. It is designed to allow us to maintain your facilities at the lowest possible cost and to maintain equipment to keep it operating at high efficiency while minimizing down time.

Of course an integral part of our maintenance program is preventive maintenance. A preventive maintenance program operated with integrity minimizes downtime, future equipment costs and non compliance with regulatory agency rules and regulations. We use our computerized maintenance management system to protect and extend the life of your expensive equipment. How your facility functions – and how it looks to the public has a profound effect on the citizens of your community who, through their taxes and fees, provide the funds to purchase and operate them. Housekeeping and the appearance of your water and wastewater infrastructure will be an important part of our overall maintenance program.

All warranties will be preserved and capital expenditures minimized. PeopleService does not formulate policy nor do we assume any ownership of the facilities.