Trust Your Community’s Most Important Municipal Operation to Us

The benefits of partnering with PeopleService:

You’re reading this because you understand that the operation, maintenance and management of your municipal water and wastewater utility system is a very big job – one that can be overwhelming to communities with limited resources and restrictive budgets. That’s why they partner with PeopleService.

We bring experienced people and proven efficient processes to your community to implement the best solutions needed now and well into the future. Best yet, we give you all this via one, single point-of-contact – an expert from the Midwest who knows and appreciates the Midwest way of doing things right the first time.

We start with an evaluation and a plan.

We will springboard off of the RFP and our contract and work closely with you to assure a thorough evaluation of your current infrastructure and facilities to establish a capital assessment plan that will help us all do what we have to do now to stage for the future.

Save time and money – and get some sleep!

Your PeopleService partnership alleviates the costly and time-consuming tasks of personnel searches, contract negotiations and staffing issues.

You work with a dedicated region manager who is a licensed, experienced operator and who will provide direction, oversight, training and mentoring to all employees at the facility, giving relief to the city staff and city council/commission. We cross-train other PeopleService operators on the operation of your facility to assure that a knowledgeable person is there for you, on call 24/7, 365 days/year.

We work with your engineer and contractors on projects at the facilities, bringing our experience working with system modification and upgrades at other plants for nearly 30 years.

We improve the efficiencies and cost savings of operating your facilities.

Our experience in operating multiple plants throughout the Midwest helps us reduce costs through bulk purchasing and leads to more efficient plant operations overall. Plus our use of computerized maintenance programs helps save time and money. Here are other benefits from working with us:

  • We demand the highest safety and maintenance standards.
  • We implement valve turning, manhole inspections and hydrant flushing programs.
  • We implement a long term painting program to help reduce or eliminate corrosion.
  • We focus on preventative maintenance with the use of a computerized maintenance program on all equipment at the facilities to protect your investment.

The assurance of environmental regulation compliance.

The federal government has implemented tighter regulations on the quality of drinking water and wastewater treatment plants. PeopleService ensures that your water and wastewater systems are in compliance with all United States EPA and OSHA rules, as well as state and local regulations – including monitoring, sampling, analyzing and reporting requirements. We stay current with changes and new legislation, and serve as a liaison between you and the federal, state and local agencies when necessary.

PeopleService assumes the risk of any fines or violations due to the negligence of our employees.

Metrics matter.

PeopleService provides monthly written reports summarizing plant performance and projects completed, so everyone responsible for water and wastewater quality in your community knows what is going on with your system.